The emergence of new pathogens requires the development of a rapid strategy for the production of novel commercial vaccines. Taking into account the amount of formulations needed, it would be ideal to create a technological process based on a validated system. This would minimize the time needed to implement the technology of the vaccine production and would empower companies to focus on the preclinical and clinical studies.

Our mission is to develop a NaNoEXPO system that will enable researchers (R&D) to test different antigens and to accelerate the process of development of new potential therapeutic products, including vaccines.
The current civilization progress has contributed to the detection and monitoring of numerous diseases, many of which are caused by new etiological agents. Therefore, the availability of a system, enabling the development of potential new therapeutic preparations in a quick and easy way, is of crucial importance.

The NaNoEXPO system could be applicable in the:

Development of Next Generation Therapeutics
Testing of new potential antigens – both in the context of infectious disease as well as immuno-oncology
Optimisation of the vaccine production process